The Skinny on Floppy Boobs

floppy boobsThere are things that bring back memories we sometimes would rather forget. My mind tends to fly at times, and I’d drift away with random thoughts while I’m doing random things like walking down the street. I come across different faces, and if one happens to catch my attention a little longer than the others, I try to recall what it reminds me of. The other day I remembered my best friend from childhood after seeing a bunch of kids riding their bikes down the street on their way to the park. The look of joy and excitement was on one of the kids’ faces, that same expression my buddy had whenever we would go out on our bikes to the park at our neighborhood. I wondered if my friend still had that same excited outlook in life after all these years. I was having that same kind of moment this morning at the coffee shop. I was sipping my coffee, staring out the window when my eyes were met by an attractive girl on her way to work.

floppy boobsHer uniform made it look like she had these perfect natural boobs. I suddenly thought of this girl I used to go out with. We could talk about anything with each other; we were really open about things. She knew I had a healthy love for boobies. I would tell her about it whenever I thought the situation called for it, which was like every two hours. Her mood would also change during those times because she did not have those perfect natural boobs I was admiring by pointing them out to her whenever we came across strangers on the street. Hers were more like floppy boobs. I remembered one time she probably had had enough of my babbling and stormed out on me. I guess she was under a lot of stress to look good enough for me. Nonetheless we really cared about each other. I felt bad though because I thought of all the trouble I must’ve caused her. It would’ve probably worked out better if I had accepted everything about her, including her floppy breasts.

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