The Right Tools for Milking Boobs

milking boobsThe female anatomy is a complexly wonderful creation. I’ve had quite a lot of experiences with women; it’s led me to believe I know almost everything about them. However, the more I explore a woman’s body, the more I realize how complex and wonderful it really is. I am blessed with a wonderful job, a nice place I call home, a prestigious position at work, and a beautiful, loving woman I call my wife to be. She is beautiful inside and out. She is also set apart from other women with beautiful, big naturals boobs. I think that’s one reason why a lot of people get the wrong idea about her. Most people tend to think that big breasts almost automatically mean a tit job. Not my girlfriend, she’s a person with a genuine attitude and all natural boobs. Aside from loving her company, another thing I love is clutching on her round melons. The firmness of her all natural boobs get me excited all the time. When I’m in the mood for milking boobs, I do this to get her permission. I tell her how stunning her breasts are. I say it out of nowhere; I love the surprised look on her face. I start giving her a more detailed description of what I love about her boobs, all the while pulling her close to me.

milking boobsFrom that point on, I start toning my voice down a bit to whisper in her ear while I let my hands do the rest of the talking. My cunning and subtle fingers make their way through her shirt, and in her bra. Then, they start making circles around her nipples. I notice her head slowly moving from left to right; this is my cue to apply my tongue to the side of her neck. I start to feel her nipples getting firm, so I apply more pressure on them, as my tongue makes its way toward her collarbone. At this point I start to pick up the scent of her healthy breasts, and my actions go from calculated to primal. Her shirt is off, bra is unlocked, and I am savoring her succulent tits. The more I do this, the more crazed my obsession becomes. One thing’s for sure, it’s an obsession I don’t mind living with.

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