Stabbing and Grabbing Boobs

grabbing boobsThese days, a lot of things seem overrated. There are a lot of songs I hear on the radio that I feel are overplayed. Shows that are talked about that I don’t agree deserve the attention. Celebrities I feel are less-talented than what they are perceived to be. I equally believe that there are also many things out there that aren’t getting their props. Sports teams I like that I believe aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. Personalities who have made a positive influence in my life, and don’t seem to be appreciated enough by other people. Almost importantly, there are things that aren’t being practiced, that actually feel very good to do. I’m talking about humping a pair of well-oiled natural huge boobs. I have a knack for grabbing boobs, and then stabbing them with my shaft. Ask all my ex-girlfriends, I haven’t had a girl whom I haven’t given a nice titty fuck to. All my ex-lovers have one thing in common, a pair of natural huge boobs. It’s something I’ve become possessed with doing when it comes to my sex life.

grabbing boobsThere’s nothing like sitting on top of a girl, your fully erect penis in between her beautiful sized boobs. Everybody talks about doing it doggy style, or side to side, but you rarely hear how great it feels to screw a girl’s tits. I’m sure if people practiced it more often, it would make their sex adventure much more exciting. Another thing I know is that women also enjoy it. It always makes them feel their tits are well appreciated. A couple of my former girlfriends were a little shocked at the request, but none of them ever said no to me, they even started to actual enjoy it. This is for anybody who wants to try something new when it comes to sex. Why not try having a go at your girlfriend’s tits? I can guarantee she’ll love it.

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