Hanging Out With Some Hanging Boobs

hanging boobsAs a society, we’ve become too preoccupied with certain standards. We’ve began to confuse wants with needs. People still buy bottled water, even though tap water is readily available to them. It’s because of the notion that tap water just doesn’t taste as good as bottled water, a common misconception among people. There are so many false beliefs that we cling on to, not knowing how foolish they really are. Another great example is how men perceive what the best natural boobs ought to look like. Natural is beautiful, but it’s the way people think what natural has to look like that is misleading. Nice, firm breasts have become the norm, anything other than that has become unattractive. Hanging boobs, on the other hand, get a lot of smack from people. It’s programmed that women who have children, failed boob jobs, or are old have hanging tits. I used to believe this myself, until I recently saw a sexually astonishing young lady with a pair sagging hanging boobsbreasts. I was at the pool this one weekend, and I started doing my routine whenever I went there, which is look for the prettiest face, and the best looking rack. My search was concluded quickly when one of my friend’s saw his ex-classmate from a few years back. You could notice from a mile away how physically gifted this girl was.

As she started to come over, my eyes started to become more fixed on her boobs. She came with a pair of the best natural boobs I was having trouble not noticing. I tried my best to stay focused on her pretty smile. I wanted to get to know her more, and wanted to get a closer, more subtle view of breasts. So, I invited her to the pool with me. It was a little more difficult for me to stare down at her chest since she was the chatty type, although I did get to sneak a view glances while she was looking elsewhere. The more we talked, the more I got to appreciate her further. It also became the start of my fantasizing about smothering my face in a pair of hanging breasts, hers particularly. I’m supposed to be meeting her again soon, and I’m hoping to get closer to attaining my dream.

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The Right Tools for Milking Boobs

milking boobsThe female anatomy is a complexly wonderful creation. I’ve had quite a lot of experiences with women; it’s led me to believe I know almost everything about them. However, the more I explore a woman’s body, the more I realize how complex and wonderful it really is. I am blessed with a wonderful job, a nice place I call home, a prestigious position at work, and a beautiful, loving woman I call my wife to be. She is beautiful inside and out. She is also set apart from other women with beautiful, big naturals boobs. I think that’s one reason why a lot of people get the wrong idea about her. Most people tend to think that big breasts almost automatically mean a tit job. Not my girlfriend, she’s a person with a genuine attitude and all natural boobs. Aside from loving her company, another thing I love is clutching on her round melons. The firmness of her all natural boobs get me excited all the time. When I’m in the mood for milking boobs, I do this to get her permission. I tell her how stunning her breasts are. I say it out of nowhere; I love the surprised look on her face. I start giving her a more detailed description of what I love about her boobs, all the while pulling her close to me.

milking boobsFrom that point on, I start toning my voice down a bit to whisper in her ear while I let my hands do the rest of the talking. My cunning and subtle fingers make their way through her shirt, and in her bra. Then, they start making circles around her nipples. I notice her head slowly moving from left to right; this is my cue to apply my tongue to the side of her neck. I start to feel her nipples getting firm, so I apply more pressure on them, as my tongue makes its way toward her collarbone. At this point I start to pick up the scent of her healthy breasts, and my actions go from calculated to primal. Her shirt is off, bra is unlocked, and I am savoring her succulent tits. The more I do this, the more crazed my obsession becomes. One thing’s for sure, it’s an obsession I don’t mind living with.

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Enormous Boobs Equal a Good Time

enormous boobsIt was that time of the month again, where me and my buddies go out to the mountains to go camping. This was our way to relax; some guys go to bars, others hit the beach. Our way to unwind was to camp out in the great outdoors, with a couple of six packs and any hot chick who would like to tag along. Aside from planning where to go and what to bring, one of our pre-camping activities was trying to find some female acquaintances to come along. There’s nothing that guarantees some hot outdoor action than you and a girl being alone at night, in the woods, isolated and away from civilization. We’d all sit around the fire, telling our best ghost stories and having some beers. There’s all this excitement that builds up in our female guests from all the alcohol and stories that when it’s time to hit the tent, it also means to go primal and have outdoor loving. I was really excited for this particular trip because I invited this girl I knew who had a cute face, and a beautiful pair of large natural boobs.

enormous boobsShe was perfect for the trip because she was the adventurous, fun-loving type and I knew would enjoy. I had these fantasies of my tongue traveling to the top of her twin peaks. The time came when me and my friends met up with our dates to head on out to the great outdoors. She had this top that accentuated her enormous boobs; I also felt the guys were a little jealous of me. After a tiring day of hiking, we all set out to camp and did the usual things we do at sundown. The mood was perfect to get have some outdoor sex that night. With both of us tipsy, we headed to our tent and I got a taste of her large natural boobs. I didn’t mind the hard surface, my sore back the next morning, and being drowned in her precious lumps. We both had a really good time that trip and I can’t wait to ask her out on our next outdoor expedition.

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Nothing Shabby About Saggy Boobs

saggy boobsOne thing I notice happening now is a renaissance in people’s preferences. People are starting to go back to the true essence of things. Restaurants are starting to serve organic food; companies are putting less additives in their products. Natural is the way to go nowadays. I’ve been experiencing this change too in myself lately. I realized that we try to exaggerate or emphasize on something too much that we start to forget its real essence. I have to admit, I fell for this kind of philosophy too. I guess seeing all these celebrities on TV and in the magazines made me set my standards a little too high when it came to pursuing women. I always thought a high maintenance kind of girl was the only woman for me. I mean, she had to be damn near perfect; slim, curvy, wore make-up but not too much, and no saggy boobs. I’d be disappointed whenever my girlfriend would go out with me and try to be herself, you know, let her hair down once in a while. I never realized that it was a lot of pressure on them to look good all the time. I always thought they enjoyed doing it because they all seemed so happy whenever they looked good, this kind of saggy boobsthinking got me nowhere in a getting a long-lasting relationship.

All that changed when I started changing my perspective. I started to appreciate a woman’s natural beauty. Nowadays, I like a girl with a nice set of natural big boobs who lets it all hang out. Ask me what a nice rack is, and I’ll say a pair of natural big boobs that are all natural. Not only has this change brought me longer-lasting relationships, but it’s also led me to my current girlfriend who has the biggest natural boobs that I get to enjoy every night.

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Being Held Captive by a Pair of Gigantic Boobs

gigantic boobsMan has always been fascinated with a big pair of well-rounded melons on a woman’s chest. As a guy, it’s hard to keep your eyes off a nice rack. When I say nice rack, I mean a nice pair of huge natural boobs. A set of over-sized silicone tits doesn’t pack the same punch as a couple of real, bigger than usual breasts. Just think about it; what straight man would not notice a nice set of tits? Some guys may not look at them as much, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t notice. Others try to downplay it and pretend to not notice them, especially when they’re with their girl, but it’s all the same. Boobs were put their as a means to attract the male sex. I certainly am attracted to a nice pair of natural jugs, I won’t pretend I’m not. Trying to keep your eyes off a set of gigantic boobs is like trying not to appreciate a rainbow. Looking and appreciating some nicely grown tits is the same as admiring a beautiful view, it’s innate for men to do.

This is why I’m surprised at women who still feel offended when they catch a guy staring at their boobs. Especially the ones who don’t mind covering them up, but get angry when you notice them. If there’s one thing I could say to these women, it’s this; please ladies, don’t get offended if you catch a man staring at your breasts. Unless they do anything physical towards you without your consent, it’s pretty unfair if you make them feel bad about acting natural. I tried doing this before, looking the other way of some huge natural boobs, but it just doesn’t work. I am captivated when I see some nice boobs. It’s like a person admiring you for a nice piece of clothing you have on. Don’t be stingy but instead, be proud of your prized possessions.

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Going for Floppy Boobs

Contrary to popular belief, not all men are into perfect natural boobs. They’re great of course but personally, I think I’d pick nice, big floppy boobs over the perfect natural boobs. I don’t know why but I seriously get turned on by the look, feel, shape and movement of floppy tits.

Take Frances for example. I nailed her for her amazing tits. I loved how big they were, how they filled out her clothes, how they felt when I’d “accidentally” brush against them, I love how they moved while she moved.

It all happened at my place. We were just hanging out when I tried to cop a feel. Instead of slapping me or acting in any other means of disgusted, she just gave me a look, lust was all over her eyes. She liked it. We were suddenly buried under a flurry of kisses. I started caressing her breasts more, squeezing a little, sucking hungrily at the one I wasn’t playing with. She moaned as I ravaged her breasts and in no time, we were naked. I pulled her close and felt through her pussy lips with my fingers. It didn’t take much for her to soak her pussy with me. I led her to the bed, let her get on all fours and ran my cock up and down her slit to coat it with her sweet pussy juice. I slipped it in slowly, relishing her soft moans and when I was all in, I decided to play a little rough. I went fast right away, the noises she made were a mixture of moans, yells and whimpers of pleasure. Her tits swung back and forth as we met each other’s thrusts. Faster and harder we went, getting louder even. Closer and closer we got until she spasmed, bucked and thrashed and I grunted and lost all control. We came together and collapsed as a tired heap on my bed.

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Grabbing Huge Boobs

I love the feel of natural huge boobs. When they’re more than just a handful, soft and warm, daring you to try and squeeze them to fit in your hands. I like trying to have a feel of natural huge boobs whenever I can. They’re always brilliant and fake boobs can never really replace the real thing with all its qualities.

I remember a boob grabbing experience that ended quite well.

Her name was Leigh. She was a nice girl, we’ve been friends for a while now. I was the stereotypical guy and she was the stereotypical naive, goody-goody two-shoes.

I was over her apartment one day and I was a little tipsy and I pretended to be drunk just so I wouldn’t be held accountable for any mischief I wanted to make. I was kidding around with her ’til I dared to do something I’ve been wanting to. “Damn Leigh, your tits are so fine, I’ve always wanted to touch them” and with that I let both my hands land on her enormous mounds. “Wh…what are you doing? Get off!”she replied, pushing my hands away. “I want you Leigh, come on, let me have a little something-something” I pushed. “Well… you are drunk… and I have been wanting to be touched for a long time now… so hopefully you don’t remember this tomorrow” she thought aloud. She took my hands and pressed them to her chest. She kissed me. Technically, if I was really drunk, she’d be taking advantage of me… and I liked it.  She took her clothes off and helped me out of mine. I played with one of her tits and hungrily sucked on the other. We ended up in her bed after all the foreplay. I let her lay there, opened her legs and saw how different she was like this. I didn’t bother being gentle, she was wet and she was a slut inside so I just slipped my cock in. I groaned as she moaned. I went fast and hard, grabbing onto her tits. Closer and closer we got until we got really loud. I couldn’t take it anymore so I pulled out and came all over her tits.

“Fuck, yes… you’re the best Leigh…” I said, forgetting to pretend to slur. Her reaction? She wanted to fuck me more and more.

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Grab Boobs TV

I love a good set of natural boobs movies. Natural boobs movies usually get me off the best when I can’t have the real thing. I love how they bounce, I love how they look, their shape is definitely different from fake ass boobs and I love everything about natural boobs.

I actually got my chance to put up a video of me a Kelsey and damn was it a hit.

We kissed, our tongues would intertwine, and fight for dominance. We’d suck on each other’s lips as we started taking each other’s clothes off. I went for her beautiful tits. I cupped them, caressed them, massaged them, squeezed them gently, ran my thumbs repeatedly on her nipples and got to tweak it, too. Got to suck on them hungrily too. She’d pay attention to my cock, stroking it, letting it harden. Then she started jacking it off. We let this go on ’til we felt we were near then we stopped. I lay her down, take a few fingers and check if she’s wet and found out that she was soaking already. I ran my stiff cock up and down her pussy lips. I stopped at her pussy hole and slowly pushed forward. I started slow, ’til her whimpers turned into moans. As soon as I felt she was alright, I started increasing speed. Faster and faster I got as she’d move to meet my thrusts. Her boobs were jiggling on her chest and I knew I just had to hold onto them. I grabbed onto her tits and started to squeeze then, using them as leverage so I could go deeper and faster. I fucked her like a dog. We were close. I felt her pussy walls contract, pulsing against my throbbing cock. She started thrashing, signaling her orgasm. I soon followed, pulling out and cumming all over her stomach, letting some splash onto her tits.

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Having Fun with the Biggest Boobs

I love a great set of tits. I love how good they feel, how sweet they taste, they’re absolutely gorgeous when they’re real. Don’t get me wrong, huge tits are great, but when they’re fake, it’s just not the same. Hence my thirst for natural boobs tube. Yep, natural boobs tube, 100% natural boobs all the time. I know I sound like an advert but I swear, I’m a big fan of the real goods.

That’s why I was inspired to make a little movie of my own with my girl Lisa.

Lisa’s the girl-next-door type. She looks innocent, cute as a button and sweet as sugar. She had soft brown hair, warm brown eyes, a smile that could melt you, a beautiful, beautiful rack and a pussy so tight, I find it hard to last long when I’m drilling her pretty twat.

I set up the cam. I was excited. She’d do anything for me and having us do this on tape felt so taboo because of how innocent she seemed to be. It was absolutely delicious.

I undressed her slowly, kissing her, massaging her tits and letting her take my clothes off as well. I suck on one tits hungrily and start kneading on the other. She moans and it sends shivers down my spine, making my cock harden further. I bend her over and run my cock up and down her pussy lips and only waited for a brief moment before slipping in. I start slow, picking a good rhythm, relishing her moans. I slowly get faster, taking her boobs in my hands. I started pistoning in and out, fucking her like a dog. She started spasming and thrashing, her pussy walls contracting around my throbbing cock as she crashed down on orgasm. I followed soon after and with a grunt, I pulled out, spun her around and came all over her sweet chest.

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Yummy Lactating Boobs

For the longest time, I’ve been a little ashamed of my favorite fetish. At times I feel that I might be sick in the head over what turns me on but as time went on, I only found that there’s not really much wrong with loving lactating massive natural boobs, if there’s anything wrong with it at all. I love full massive natural boobs, filled with milk, sweet, squirting and sexy. I love its full shape, how soft it is, the moans and whimpers you get when you squeeze a lady’s full tits, the way their face contorts, everything.

This is where Laura comes in.

Laura showed me that I wasn’t alone in the whole lactation fetish, she was a big fan too. We just met at the park and instantly hit it off. I don’t know just how exactly but it was all too easy for us to get close and the next thing I knew, we arranged a time and place to practice our fetish.

We kissed, I’d stroke her hair, trying to seize her tongue. I kissed down to her neck and started slowly caressing her huge, firm tits. I smirked, she’s prolly filled with milk, been preparing with her pump to stimulate her breasts to produce milk. I hastily took her top off along with the rest of her clothes as she did with mine. She pumped my cock a few times and we took it to bed. She laid down. I squeezed her tits, letting milk shoot out. I grin. I run my cock up and down her slit and finally slip in. I start slow but gradually pick up the pace. I squeeze her tits, holding onto them for leverage and speed up. The sight of her tits letting out streams of milk like a fountain drove me close to orgasm faster. Soon she started spasming and bucking, her orgasm making her pussy walls pulse around my throbbing cock. I couldn’t take anymore and with a grunt, I pulled out and came on her stomach.

That night, I sucked on her tits, drinking her sweet milk before I slept.

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