Nothing Shabby About Saggy Boobs

saggy boobsOne thing I notice happening now is a renaissance in people’s preferences. People are starting to go back to the true essence of things. Restaurants are starting to serve organic food; companies are putting less additives in their products. Natural is the way to go nowadays. I’ve been experiencing this change too in myself lately. I realized that we try to exaggerate or emphasize on something too much that we start to forget its real essence. I have to admit, I fell for this kind of philosophy too. I guess seeing all these celebrities on TV and in the magazines made me set my standards a little too high when it came to pursuing women. I always thought a high maintenance kind of girl was the only woman for me. I mean, she had to be damn near perfect; slim, curvy, wore make-up but not too much, and no saggy boobs. I’d be disappointed whenever my girlfriend would go out with me and try to be herself, you know, let her hair down once in a while. I never realized that it was a lot of pressure on them to look good all the time. I always thought they enjoyed doing it because they all seemed so happy whenever they looked good, this kind of saggy boobsthinking got me nowhere in a getting a long-lasting relationship.

All that changed when I started changing my perspective. I started to appreciate a woman’s natural beauty. Nowadays, I like a girl with a nice set of natural big boobs who lets it all hang out. Ask me what a nice rack is, and I’ll say a pair of natural big boobs that are all natural. Not only has this change brought me longer-lasting relationships, but it’s also led me to my current girlfriend who has the biggest natural boobs that I get to enjoy every night.

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