Lactating Boobs Quench My Curiosity

lactating boobsWe sometimes enjoy doing things we loved to do in the past, especially if these things brought joy and happiness to us before. Listening to an old, favorite song from back in the day brings back some good feelings. This is why I have a whole bunch of them playing in my car stereo when I’m on my way to work. People also play a part in helping you get back in touch with these past, happy feelings. I always enjoy the company of an old friend, and so to it I keep in touch with them whenever I’m not busy. Even a few minutes of chatting on the internet with them puts a smile on my face. This has led me to believe that there probably are other things we quite don’t remember enjoying, yet when we do them, we suddenly get moments of bliss. I’m talking about drinking from all-natural breast milk. All of us used to do it as babies, so it must be normal to enjoy sucking on a pair of lactating boobs. The girl I’m seeing nowadays is a single mom.

lactating boobsNevertheless, I accept her for who she is. She also has bright son I enjoy being with. I am very involved with the two of them in my life nowadays, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The great thing about dating a mother is that they usually have massive natural boobs. This is definitely the case with my current squeeze. I was surprised to find her breasts still had milk in them. As I started taking in more of it, the more I got hooked. I probably was a parched little fellow in my infancy. All I can say is that I enjoy drinking from her massive natural boobs, and was probably a normal habit for me when I was young. It’s a habit that I don’t have any plans of dropping soon.

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