Having the Urge to Grab Boobs Gone Wrong

grab boobsThere have been instances in my life where I heard people say, “Don’t ask for something, take it.” One of these instances involved a selling seminar I recently went to. The speaker in the program said that the old-aged practice of using the opener, “May I have a moment of your time?” doesn’t really apply anymore. You have to go and sell right away to your prospect, without him or her waiting for you to show them your product. I also noticed how my boss at work emphasizes on the importance of being a go-getter, and how successful people don’t wait on things to get done; they get them done themselves. This has really made me think about how I could get something I’ve been wanting for a very long time now. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to grab boobs that I thought looked big and natural.

grab boobsI’ve always loved looking at a pair of big boobs. I just don’t really like it when a big pair of knockers turn out to be fake. I love spending time in front of the screen watching natural boobs movies. Looking at these big, genuine tits being stroked and caressed turns me on faster than a switch on a light bulb. It’s also been causing me problems, as watching more and more natural boobs movies made me want to grab a pair myself. I’ve been finding it harder to not think thoughts of me grabbing the pair of monster tits of the woman sitting across from me at the office. I’ve been having some fantasies of getting a hold of a set of big titties from a girl who lives next to me. I’m fully aware that these are the thoughts a perv might have. I actually catch myself day-dreaming about it more. It’s something I hope I can solve real soon, by having a big breasted girl I can call my own.

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