Hanging Out With Some Hanging Boobs

hanging boobsAs a society, we’ve become too preoccupied with certain standards. We’ve began to confuse wants with needs. People still buy bottled water, even though tap water is readily available to them. It’s because of the notion that tap water just doesn’t taste as good as bottled water, a common misconception among people. There are so many false beliefs that we cling on to, not knowing how foolish they really are. Another great example is how men perceive what the best natural boobs ought to look like. Natural is beautiful, but it’s the way people think what natural has to look like that is misleading. Nice, firm breasts have become the norm, anything other than that has become unattractive. Hanging boobs, on the other hand, get a lot of smack from people. It’s programmed that women who have children, failed boob jobs, or are old have hanging tits. I used to believe this myself, until I recently saw a sexually astonishing young lady with a pair sagging hanging boobsbreasts. I was at the pool this one weekend, and I started doing my routine whenever I went there, which is look for the prettiest face, and the best looking rack. My search was concluded quickly when one of my friend’s saw his ex-classmate from a few years back. You could notice from a mile away how physically gifted this girl was.

As she started to come over, my eyes started to become more fixed on her boobs. She came with a pair of the best natural boobs I was having trouble not noticing. I tried my best to stay focused on her pretty smile. I wanted to get to know her more, and wanted to get a closer, more subtle view of breasts. So, I invited her to the pool with me. It was a little more difficult for me to stare down at her chest since she was the chatty type, although I did get to sneak a view glances while she was looking elsewhere. The more we talked, the more I got to appreciate her further. It also became the start of my fantasizing about smothering my face in a pair of hanging breasts, hers particularly. I’m supposed to be meeting her again soon, and I’m hoping to get closer to attaining my dream.

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