Hanging on Hanging Boobs

You know the best natural boobs? They’re absolutely terrific to handle, even to hold onto during fucking. Best natural boobs, indeed.

I remember doing Lacey. Her tits we absolutely gorgeous. Firm but soft, warm, perfect size, perfect shape, I just loved every bit of it.

We were out on a boat celebrating her birthday ’til we landed ourselves in the middle of the water, without anyone around. We had a picnic, talked and told stories, it was all quite nice. That is until we drank one too many and started getting frisky. We kissed, made out, our tongues fought for dominance. I took her top off and started squeezing her tits, playing with one as I sucked the other hungrily and switched between them. I unzipped my pants, popping my cock out and let her have a lick. She kissed it then started sucking off the head. She started bobbing hear head on it, taking more of my cock with each thrust of her head forward. She took more and more of me in and sucked as well as she could. I took a hand and placed it behind her head and started fucking her mouth. It felt so good. I felt like I was gonna cum soon but that wouldn’t do so I stopped her with all reluctance and told her to get on my cock and ride me. I sat down and she slowly lowered herself on my cock. She bounced on it slowly at first then gradually sped up. She’d grind on my cock and go faster and harder. I’d moan and groan while she moaned and yelled in pleasure. I loved how her tits bounced up and down with her, swinging at my face. I love her tits. I’d catch a nipple in my mouth and suck at it hungrily. She started spasming and I’d fuck her pussy upwards as fast and as hard as I could, bringing her to orgasm. Soon I followed, pulling out and getting cum all over her stomach.

Happy birthday, it definitely was.

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