Enormous Boobs Equal a Good Time

enormous boobsIt was that time of the month again, where me and my buddies go out to the mountains to go camping. This was our way to relax; some guys go to bars, others hit the beach. Our way to unwind was to camp out in the great outdoors, with a couple of six packs and any hot chick who would like to tag along. Aside from planning where to go and what to bring, one of our pre-camping activities was trying to find some female acquaintances to come along. There’s nothing that guarantees some hot outdoor action than you and a girl being alone at night, in the woods, isolated and away from civilization. We’d all sit around the fire, telling our best ghost stories and having some beers. There’s all this excitement that builds up in our female guests from all the alcohol and stories that when it’s time to hit the tent, it also means to go primal and have outdoor loving. I was really excited for this particular trip because I invited this girl I knew who had a cute face, and a beautiful pair of large natural boobs.

enormous boobsShe was perfect for the trip because she was the adventurous, fun-loving type and I knew would enjoy. I had these fantasies of my tongue traveling to the top of her twin peaks. The time came when me and my friends met up with our dates to head on out to the great outdoors. She had this top that accentuated her enormous boobs; I also felt the guys were a little jealous of me. After a tiring day of hiking, we all set out to camp and did the usual things we do at sundown. The mood was perfect to get have some outdoor sex that night. With both of us tipsy, we headed to our tent and I got a taste of her large natural boobs. I didn’t mind the hard surface, my sore back the next morning, and being drowned in her precious lumps. We both had a really good time that trip and I can’t wait to ask her out on our next outdoor expedition.

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