Big, Natural, Saggy Boobs

I love a good pair of natural big boobs. Heck, if I could play with the biggest natural boobs I could find, I’d be one happy camper. There’s something about the way it moves, the shape, the feel of them that just drives me wild. It’s either I have my dose of natural big boobs or nothing works. And I guess I got my taste of the biggest natural boobs from Sarah.

Sarah’s been my friend growing up. She’s always been quite nice to me and she was always very pretty. Growing up, she sprouted a great rack early on and it was probably the biggest and best natural pair I’ve ever seen. They’re so big in fact that though she does wear a bra, it’s still easy for them to sag down. Blame gravity, but hey, they’re still hella beautiful.

Anyway, we were hanging out one day, just fooling around when she started to get quiet. I asked her what was wrong and she just said that she felt like her breasts were ugly because they were huge, saggy and all. She didn’t think anyone wanted to be with her.

I was shocked at the sudden revelation and assured her that she’d be wanted. She asked who would and I told her I would.

She dared me to touch her and so I yanked her into the house and did just that. We started kissing, making out. I lifted her shirt hastily off her head to find her boobs falling down without a bra. I stiffened instantly and started playing with them and sucking on them hungrily. I didn’t waste a moment, I bent her over, letting her hold onto a chair and ran my cock up and down her slit, covering it with her wetness. With a swift stroke I plunged my cock in making her moan and making me groan. I started slow and eventually sped up, making her tits sway forward and back, making me go crazy. I went faster still and harder, and she’d meet my thrusts, making my balls slap against her flesh. Soon she started spasming and bucking, signaling her orgasm as her pussy started pulsing at my throbbing cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled out, spun her around and came all over her tits.

That day she learned that I wanted her and since then, I showed her how I wanted her every chance I got.

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